Keith Lowell Jensen: What I Was Arrested For

Everything To Know About Keith Lowell Jensen's New Special

This year, the comedic genius Keith Lowell Jensen gifted us with his remarkable new special, What I Was Arrested For. Initially available for rent and download on 800 Pound Gorilla, this sensational special is now set to premiere tonight at 7 PM CT on the official 800 Pound Gorilla YouTube channel—a comedy lover's ultimate destination.

If you've eagerly awaited the moment when this new gem would grace YouTube, your fortunate day has finally arrived. Brace yourself for a comedy extravaganza like no other. But before you dive into the laughter, let's delve into Keith's intriguing journey and the comedy career that led him to this incredible milestone.

Keith Lowell Jensen

Tell us about Keith Lowell Jensen & his new special.

From protesting war, to shoplifting marshmallows, Jensen has found his way into trouble with Johnny Law time and time again, and fortunately for us it all adds up to a hilarious collection of stories. Recorded live at The Sofia Theater in the comedian's home town of Sacramento, CA, this new special shares tales spanning from the late eighties to the modern day where cell phones still don't have apps that allow them to fire a bullet. Give a listen, have a laugh, don't resist the urge to find out "What I Was Arrested For..."

What to know about Keith Lowell Jensen's extensive comedy career.

Beyond his extensive and illustrious comedy career, Jensen has made notable appearances on the History Channel, Spike TV, Lopez Tonight on TBS, and the Starz Network. With an impressive repertoire of nine comedy albums to his name, he proudly boasts over 7.5 million spins on Pandora and surpasses one million plays on Spotify.

Moreover, Jensen has demonstrated his writing prowess as an accomplished author, publishing two memoirs: "Punching Nazis and Other Good Ideas" (2019) and "What I Was Arrested For" (2022), the latter serving as the inspiration for this magnificent special.

What previous specials & albums has Keith Lowell Jensen released via 800 Pound Gorilla?

Jensen's previous three albums, KLJ! Greatest Bits (2018), Unclean (2019), & Not for Rehire (2020) are a part of the 800 Pound Gorilla catalog.


"KLJ! Greatest Bits" presents an album brimming with solid clean material, while "Unclean" lives up to its name with unabashed hilarity. This explicit album has graced the airwaves of SiriusXM's Raw Dog Comedy Channel and was recorded at Sacramento's renowned Punchline comedy club.

Jensen's second most recent special, Not for Rehire, is a quirky and unique special in which Jensen takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride through the many hirings and firing of his spotted career history from being punched by one employer, to another pushing him, unprepared, onto the stage in front of a large crowd at a film festival, inadvertently starting his comedy career.

Immerse yourself in the full glory of Keith Lowell Jensen's latest masterpiece, What I Was Arrested For, streaming for free on YouTube tonight at 7 PM CT. Don't miss out on this momentous event—your laughter awaits below!

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We’ve seen Not for Rehire and What I Was Arrested For in the last 2 weeks and they’re both fantastic. Have recommended and shown to relatives. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of him before.

Andrea Bilger

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