Kiernan Shipka in 'Totally Killer'

The New Blumhouse Horror Comedy “Totally Killer” Comes Out October 6th

Blumhouse and Amazon Prime are partnering for a new horror comedy movie, Totally Killer.

Totally Killer Movie
Kiernan Shipka in 'Totally Killer' from Amazon Prime.

What's the new movie "Totally Killer" about?

According to the official synopsis, “the film watches as the infamous “Sweet Sixteen Killer” returns on Halloween night, 35 years after their shocking murder of three teens, to claim a fourth victim. 17-year-old Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) ignores her overprotective mom’s (Julie Bowen) warning and comes face-to-face with the masked maniac and, on the run for her life, accidentally time travels back to 1987, the year of the original killings. She’s then forced to navigate the unfamiliar and outrageous culture of the 1980s, teaming up with a teenage version of her mom (Olivia Holt) to take down the killer once and for all, before she’s stuck in the past forever.”

Who all worked on "Totally Killer"?

The film is directed by Nahnatchka Khan, based on a script from David Matalon, Sasha Perl-Raver and Jen D’Angelo

Totally Killer debuts on Prime Video October 6th, just in time for the Halloween season!

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