Luenell: Town Business.

Luenell’s Netflix Special, ‘Chappelle’s Home Team - Luenell: Town Business,’ Premieres September 26th

Luenell: Town Business.
Luenell: Town Business. Courtesy of Netflix/Mathieu Bitton.

Luenell, who made her debut on the popular Black-owned Oakland, California public access channel, Soul Beat TV, back in the 1990s, is getting her first Netflix special.

Details on Luenell's new special.

Titled Town Business, the comedian, who has acted in projects like BoratThe Boondocks, Dolemite Is My Name, Hacks, and A Star Is Born, will tackle topics such as appointing herself unofficial air marshal of the skies, the absurdities of air travel, and the value of keeping window shades up. The special is being executive produced by Dave Chappelle, who has invited Luenell to perform at his “camp” comedy shows in Ohio, and will be part of his Chappelle’s Home Team series, which has included specials from comics Chappelle looks to champion, and has included comics like Earthquake in the past.


You can watch Luenell discuss Town Business on September 26th only on Netflix.

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