Nathan Fielder, Benny Safdie and Emma Stone in The Curse.

Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone Star In HGTV parody, “The Curse”

The Curse. A24/Showtime.
The Curse. A24/Showtime.

Nathan Fielder has teamed up with Benny Safdie to create a new series, The Curse.

What's the Nathan Fielder & Emma Stone led show "The Curse" about?

In the series, which is an HGTV parody, “Asher (Nathan Fielder) and Whitney (Emma Stone) Siegel are married entrepreneurs (don’t call them gentrifiers!) whose latest plan is to flip houses and convert them into eco-friendly homes for the struggling residents of Española, New Mexico — all for an HGTV-style reality show being overseen by an ingratiating producer (Safdie) with demons of his own. From this premise, which nimbly touches upon inescapable American issues of race, class, and capital, Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie branch out into an increasingly tangled network of ethical and moral gray zones, expertly balancing the tender and the merciless.”

When does Nathan Fielder's show "The Curse" premiere?

The series comes from A24 and Showtime, and will premiere at the 2023 New York Film Festival before premiering on Showtime later this year. 

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