SNL's Punkie Johnson to Host New Audio Series “Love Thang”

SNL's Punkie Johnson to Host New Audio Series “Love Thang”

Comedian Punkie Johnson is going to be giving out relationship advice on a new audio series, titled Love Thang.

Johnson is partnering up with Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio on SiriusXM. In the series – which premieres later this month – “Johnson draws on her own experiences — from her 14-year relationship, 7 years of marriage, and unfriendly divorce — Punkie will take calls from listeners and give her honest opinions on their romance drama and situationship. As the self-proclaimed “Stephen A. Smith of Love Radio,” Punkie’s not afraid to check you and tell you what nobody else will. She doesn’t promise to solve anyone’s problems, but she will lend her most heartfelt (not to be confused with nice) advice. Punkie’s not afraid to get into the details and really dig into your sh*t – after all, she’s all about the drama.”

Love Thang With Punkie Johnson premieres on June 19th, and can be heard on Monday nights at 7 PM ET, as well as being available as a podcast the next day.

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