Whitney Cummings: Jokes on Netflix

Whitney Cummings Announces Next Stand-Up Special Taping


Whitney Cummings
Whitney Cummings: Jokes on Netflix.

Whitney Cummings took to Instagram to announce her latest stand-up special taping.

When & where is Whitney Cummings taping her next special?

The currently untitled special will be taped at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles September 23rd, over the course of two shows.

As of now, there’s no streamer announced, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it went one of two ways. One possibility is, of course, Netflix, who Cummings has worked with on two previous specials in 2019 and 2022. Then there’s also OnlyFans, whom Cummings has worked with on various roasts. Of course, there could be a third option, but those two seem the most likely to us.

How to get tickets to Whitney Cummings' next special taping.

Tickets to the taping can be found here

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