A Site Update from The Laugh Button

A Site Update from The Laugh Button

The following is a message from Editor In Chief of The Laugh Button, Matt Kleinschmidt:

People of Earth,

Before we all take some time off to enjoy our nation’s Independence, I wanted to take a moment and share an important update of what’s happening in our neck of the woods. At the end of 2022, we came to an agreement that The Laugh Button and all of its assets, would be fully sold to one of its partners – 800 Pound Gorilla Media. They, along with Riotcast joined The Syndicate in ownership of the site in 2019, and moving forward they will be its sole owner.

This means there are changes on the horizon, as 800PGR works to bring our award-winning editorial into their fantastic lineup of stand-up comedy specials, albums, and production. It means great things ahead in the coming weeks and you will see changes big and small reflecting that.

Though great news, it does close a chapter for me as I am not moving forward with The Laugh Button. This will be the first change in TLB’s editorial voice since its founding in 2004. While bittersweet, I have all the confidence in the world that the new editorial team (along with some of our current writers) will continue the work. I can’t think of anyone better to continue the legacy of the site and really look forward to what they have in store.

I will continue working in comedy and marketing at The Syndicate, helping talent achieve their goals behind-the-scenes. Please stay in touch (email) or follow me on socials (we’re you’ll mostly see vids of me fixing broken things around my house). I will still contribute to TLB from time to time when the urge strikes.

There are too many incredible achievements in my 18 years running the site, but some of highlights include producing many live stand-up shows around the country, releasing 25 comedy albums (with 1 earning a Grammy Nomination), as well as overseeing some of the best comedy podcasts heard by millions around the globe.

But without question the most rewarding part of my tenure has been covering the daily ins-and-outs of the comedy world about comedians big and small. Offering a platform about the craft, breaking news, new projects, and providing early coverage to many new faces that are now doing wonderful things in this business.

There are too many people to thank in this already too long post, but I will single out all of our readers, you are the most dedicated comedy fans on the planet and I hope you’ll continue to support The Laugh Button in its next phase.

And to any comedian who took a minute to share one of our stories, sit down for an interview, perform on a show, record an album, do a podcast with us, or in any way take their time to support the site, I cannot thank you enough and I hope you continue your support.

I’ll see you around.

– Matt Kleinschmidt
Editor-in-Chief: The Laugh Button (2006-2023)

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