About Us

800 Pound Gorilla Media is one of the world’s leading comedy media companies. We produce, distribute, and market stand-up comedy video specials and audio albums to comedy fans across the globe.

The founders of our company used to manage comedians. In 2016, they needed a record label to distribute one of their artist’s records. They looked around the comedy landscape for a label but soon realized no one was taking advantage of modern digital marketing practices that had become standard in the music industry. Intent on changing that, Ryan Bitzer, Damion Greiman, Anthony Leo, and Ian Adkins founded 800PGM. In the industry of jokes, they found success by taking comedy seriously. 

Since then, 800PGM has produced or distributed some of your favorite comedy projects, from YouTube releases like Mark Normand’s Out To Lunch and Matt Rife’s Only Fans to video specials for streamers like Leanne Morgan’s I’m Every Woman on Netflix and Sean Patton’s Number One on Peacock, to comedy albums from beloved comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Iliza Shlesinger spinning on SiriusXM and audio platforms worldwide. We are the record label for Netflix, Kevin Hart’s LOL, Bill Burr & Al Madrigal’s ATC. Our legacy label, Clown Jewels, is home to the works of Lucille Ball, Robin Williams, The Smothers Brothers, Bob Newhart and other legends. After acquiring The Laugh Button, fans can now come to 800PGM.com even for their comedy industry news. Beyond stand-up, 800PGM currently has multiple original video projects in development with comedians you love. 

Our home is in Nashville, Tennessee, but with team members in New York, LA, the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, we are committed to delivering the best comedy to our audience, no matter where it comes from. As huge comedy nerds, we think comedians are the coolest people in the world, and we help bring their vision to life. We strive to be the destination for comedy lovers like ourselves to discover and enjoy the funny, amazing work of those comedians.  



No funny business at this funny business— we take transparency seriously.


We are an inclusive jungle that shows an inherent respect for all Gorillas, inviting growth, collaboration and global giggling.


Relentlessly striving to perfect our proprietary blend of talent, tech, and tomfoolery.


We work with the funniest people on the planet FOR the funniest people on the planet.

North Star:

Improving the human experience through shared laughter.

Meet The Team

Ian Adkins
Founding Member

Marc Atkinson
Post-Production Manager

Mike Bannon
Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Bitzer

Beto Carbajal
Head of Distribution

Robert Frye
Admin Manager

Damion Greiman

Stephen Frost
Editor for 800PG News

Ginger Hardwick
Marketing Coordinator

Katie Hostettler
Programming Manager

Anthony Leo
Founding Member

Marcus Lustig
Creative Producer

Ashley Marcangelo

Samantha Murphy
Director of Business Affairs

Mike Merryfield
Audio Manager

Diana Moreno
Video Editor

Lilly Owens
Clown Jewels Coordinator

Laura Rouxel
Head of UK Comedy

Dave Shamban
Production Editor

Matt Schuler
Head of 800PG Productions

David Thorp
UK Video Editor

Amanda Villert
Head of Marketing

Neil Visel
Head of Clown Jewels

Nick Yacovazzi
Director of Projects

Anesstasia Yu
Head of Royalties