Amber Ruffin on Peacock.

Amber Ruffin to Adapt Her Book “You’ll Never Believe What Happened To Lacey“ For Peacock

Amber Ruffin on Peacock.
Amber Ruffin on Peacock.

With so much uncertainty still in the air in regards to the world of late night, one of its hosts, Amber Ruffin, has a new project in the works. Once, of course, the strike has concluded.

Details on Amber Ruffin's latest project.

Last year, Amber Ruffin signed an overall deal with Peacock. This resulted in an NBC pilot that unfortunately didn’t get picked up. However, Amber Ruffin also has a new adaptation in the works. She is currently working on developing an adaptation of her popular book, You’ll Never Believe What Happened To Lacey. She wrote the book alongside her sister, Lacey Lamar.

There’s also uncertainty in regards to whether or not Amber Ruffin’s talk show will be picked up for a fourth season on Peacock. Given the uncertainty of everything right now, we imagine it’ll be a while before we know more for certain!

Until then, at least there’s a new project for us to look forward to. No further information on the adaptation - including whether it’d be a series or a film - is available. But we hope to hear more soon!

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