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Craig Robinson Is “Killing It” Again In Season Two Of His Peacock Series

Craig Robinson is headed back to TV for season two of his fan-favorite Peacock series, Killing It.

Killing It is "a comedy about class, capitalism, and one man’s quest to achieve the American Dream. But first he has to overcome vicious criminals, nature run wild, and worst of all, corporate America.”

Robinson stars in the series and also executive produces alongside Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici. Guest stars this season include Tim Heidecker (Rodney Lamonica), Stephanie Nogueras (Camile), Jet Miller (Vanessa), Scott MacArthur (Brock), Wyatt Walter (Corby), Dot-Marie Jones (Jackie Boone), Katie Kershaw (Natalie-Ray Boone), Joe Massingill (Ray-Nathan Boone), Melanie Field (Shayla), Tim Simons (Agent Burton) Fatimah Taliah (Maya), Beck Bennett (Johnny), and Kyle Mooney (Bugs).

Robinson says, “It's the same wild rollercoaster as last year -- an ambitious, complex exploration of life and pursuit of the American Dream mixed in with some of the stupidest jokes on television. We got so many amazing guest stars this season, while returning all our old favorites. Except for the snakes. There are many less snakes this year. But don’t worry, there’s plenty more hurdles to jump through, like deadly snails.”

The show returns for season two on August 17th only on Peacock.

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