When Bill Burr went to battle against the city of Philadelphia

When Bill Burr went to battle against the city of Philadelphia

Bill Burr It was 2006 when Bill Burr and many of the regular comedians of The Opie & Anthony Show were on The Traveling Virus Comedy Tour, hitting large venues around the nation. Things went South when the tour came to the Philadelphia area (technically The Tweeter Center across the river in Camden, NJ). From the jump, the unruly Philly crowd set the tone of the night by booing the first comedian off the stage and then proceeded to give hell to all other comedians on the bill, which also included Dom Irerra. When Irrera was booed off the stage, Burr followed him and just decided to go on the offensive. Burr then spent his 12 minute set picking apart every thing about the city from its food, its sports teams, its icons, all while receiving boos from the audience. However, Burr would not let the crowd get him like they did the previous acts and kept hammering the audience until some started to turn in his favor. By the time the 12 minute set (which Burr counted down every passing minute) was over, much of the crowd gave the comedian a standing ovation. Partly because he was actually quite funny and partly because he made it through the gauntlet and didn't back down. That night Burr became the tamer of unruly audiences and earned an incredible amount of respect from comedians and working class audiences that now adore him.

Later, Burr was interviewed about the situation and he elaborated on just how notorious Philly fans are when it comes to booing performers.

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