Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub’s new podcast, “Fighter and the Wrinks” is already “on hold”

Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub’s new podcast, “Fighter and the Wrinks” is already “on hold”

That happened fast. Last week, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen debuted The Fighter and the Wrinks, their first time teaming up for a podcast since the sexual misconduct allegations came out against Callen. This was a podcast exclusive offered to fans who subscribed to their Patreon. Callen posted a video (since deleted) on the twitter account for The Fighter and the Kid announcing the new podcast, which you got with a $5 a month subscription.

The first episode of the new The Fighter and the Wrinks came out last Friday. By Wednesday, Callen posted a video for all subscribers basically announcing that it was all over. In a video originally posted to the Patreon page, he said that despite the podcast releasing their first episode, “We’re doing everything we can to bring that to you, but right now, due to forces that are beyond our control, that is not possible.” Instead, Callen announced he is starting two other new podcasts. The first one is a show with Sam Tripoli titled Conspiracy Social Club. The podcast will revolve around Tripoli breaking down the conspiracies with Callen debunking it. The second podcast is The Callen Report, which will be Callen’s “hot take” on events taking place in the world.

There are a couple of theories as to why this is all happening, and why Callen cannot return to The Fighter and the Kid. Probably the most logical reason involves Kast Media. Kast Media presents The Fighter and The Kid, and after the allegations came out against Callen, Kast Media released a statement, according to the LA Times.

“Kast takes any allegations against hosts very seriously,” the company’s chief executive, Colin Thomson, told the LA Times. “Bryan Callen is no longer associated with Kast’s representation of Fighter and the Kid.” Additionally, there are “no plans” for Callen to return, with Schaub still planning to go ahead without Callen to do the show with guest hosts.

So it seems quite possible that Schaub may have some sort of morals clause in his contract with Kast Media that could prevent him from doing the podcast (or any podcast) with Callen, on Patreon or otherwise. So it seems like it might be a while before you hear the Fighter and the Kid together again.

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