SiriusXM Comedy Central Radio is dropping all original programming on January 1st, including "The Bonfire"

SiriusXM Comedy Central Radio is dropping all original programming on January 1st, including "The Bonfire"

The Bonfire

Today on the SiriusXM show, The Bonfire host comedians Dan Soder and Big Jay Oakerson announced that starting January 1st, Comedy Central will be pulling all original programming from its SiriusXM channel. So after this week (actually Wednesday) The Bonfire "won’t have a home on Sirius."

The good news is apparently SiriusXM is working "very hard" to keep the boys on the airwaves. Some of the possibilities thrown out would be on Raw Dog or Faction Talk where it would fit nicely with comedy brotheren The Bennington Show and Jim Norton & Sam Roberts and replacing the recently cancelled Jason Ellis Show. While where they end up is still being figured out, Soder and Oakerson stated that should be the only change. So show format and crew should remain as is, should the show ends up on a different channel.

Comedy fans should not be entirely surprised by this news. For the past year we’ve seen a lot of change in Comedy Central come from parent company Viacom consolidating its roster of channels and workforce as they've made a lot of not-so-private channel changes - greenlighting reboots of nostalgia programming like Ren & Stimpy, Daria, and Beavis and Butthead. Cancelling live action shows such as Drunk History and Tosh.0 as well as not renewing Nikki Glaser's Comedy Central Radio show. Not to mention, the dismissal of around 500 staff members in the Spring of 2020. It’s clear that this is just another part of those “big changes” taking place.

There’s no word yet on the fate of the station itself whether it's disappearing altogether or will exist to just play recorded content from the Comedy Central archives. We'd imagine an official announcement will come shortly.

UPDATE: February 22, 2021. After much contract negotiations (and some Orphan Tapes) Oakerson revealed via Legion of Skanks livestream that the show will return to SiriusXM on Faction Talk Radio Channel 103. M-Th 5-7pm (Eastern) starting March 1st.

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