Dan Soder announces his departure from "The Bonfire," to be replaced by Robert Kelly

Dan Soder announces his departure from "The Bonfire," to be replaced by Robert Kelly

Some breaking news from the SiriusXM side of life... Dan Soder, comedian and co-host of the SiriusXM comedy show, The Bonfire has announced his departure from the show. His final day will be March 1st. There's no dramatic story as to why Soder will be leaving the show other than he wanted time to pursue other projects, and he has plenty including Showtime's Billions and a successful touring career amongst other projects.

Soder stated that he mulled the idea for nearly a year, stating as far back as May 2022 that come next contract renewal he'd more than likely leave. Even though the duo joked that they're as surprised they made it this long - with the both of them thinking they'd only make it 3, or maybe 5 years before they "go down in absolute flames" like other radio duos.

The show's other founding co-host Big Jay Oakerson will continue the show with its new named co-host, comedian Robert Kelly. Which has been a speculation for the last handful of weeks since Kelly has guested on the show quite a bit during that time. Oakerson added that when he began to think about new partners he really only thought about the possibility of two of his comic friends - Robert Kelly or Joe DeRosa.

Moments after the news broke, Kelly took to social media to confirm the news stating he, "can’t wait to take this crazy ride with Big Jay Oakerson and The Bonfire crew" adding, "I’m honored to be joining such an amazing show. I would never dream of filling Dan Soder's because that could never be done! BUT I will guarantee Jay and I will have a blast and continue to keep The Bonfire burning!"



The crew teased a big announcement before tonight's episode and the subreddit and Facebook group blew up with speculation about what the announcement would be. Many speculated Kelly could become third chair because of the frequency of his recent visits to the show. Once Soder broke the news at the show's open, those same boards were met with bittersweet reactions with equal good and bad sentiment about the news.

Update: The entire audio was put online for you to give a listen, the news is delivered immediately.

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