Pat Godwin performing on the Bob & Tom Show.

Get To Know Bob & Tom's Pat Godwin With These 5 Songs

Today, we dive into the delightful world of musical comedian Pat Godwin, a regular on the renowned Bob & Tom Show. With his ability to seamlessly blend genres and defy convention, Godwin has carved out a unique niche in the comedy and music industry. His songs, accompanied by a talented band, are cleverly crafted, occasionally mischievous, but never mean-spirited. Drawing inspiration from the traditions of funny country and folk tracks, Godwin's music is a refreshing and entertaining experience. As we delve into his discography, get ready to discover the brilliance of Pat Godwin with these five must-listen songs.

1) Pumpkin Spice

Pat Godwin shares a song about the spice people love to hate.

2) King Chuck

Pat Godwin, Tom, and the gang wrote this comedic tribute to King Charles III to the tune of a Steve Martin classic.

3) Divorced Guy Halloween

"Divorced Guy Halloween" is a hilarious and relatable Halloween song that captures the essence of a middle-aged man's comical misadventures on this spooky holiday.

4) Gangsta Folk

"Gangsta Folk" is a hilariously tongue-in-cheek acoustic ballad that seamlessly blends elements of gangsta rap with folk music. This comedic song takes a satirical approach to the gangsta lifestyle, highlighting the absurdity of its exaggerated machismo and juxtaposing it against the laid-back nature of folk music.

5) Mom's Little Secret

The FBI aren't the only ones with top secret information about the JFK assassination. Pat Godwin has his own TOP SECRET story about JFK.

Whether you're a fan of country, folk, or simply in search of a good laugh, Pat Godwin's music is sure to entertain. Dive into the amusing world of Pat Godwin and check out his new album, Under the Bed, available now on all major platforms. Happy listening and laughing!

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