How I Met Your Father.

“How I Met Your Father” Canceled After Two Seasons

How I Met Your Father.
How I Met Your Father. Courtesy of Hulu & 20th Century Television.

With the strike showing no end in sight, sadly this means that we’re about to start hearing about even more shows facing cancellation. The latest of which is Hulu’s How I Met Your Father, which ran for two seasons.

What happened to "How I Met Your Father"?

The series - which starred Hilary Duff - was a reboot of the CBS hit How I Met Your Mother. It did not quite get the same love the original series got, however. Critically and with fans, the show didn’t seem to hit the same way its precursor did.

The cancellation seems to be a surprise, as the show never had a proper ending to cap off season two. At this stage, sadly, we will never know how she met their father.

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