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Jen Fulwiler's New Special "Maternal Instinct" Delivers Huge Laughs For All Mothers

Austin, Texas based stand-up comedian Jen Fulwiler has a funny & brand new comedy special that hits straight to the heart for all mothers just in time for Mother's Day. After playing out her newest hour on her headlining Maternal Instinct tour this past Fall, Fulwiler is here with her newest special to show in her comedic stylings how as a mom of six, she has no Maternal Instincts.

In Jen's new special, she covers everything from her struggles with ADHD to her husband's idea to make kid shoes out of paper towels. Shot at the Riot Comedy Club in Houston, TX, Jen shares her hysterical stories will resonate with anyone who's ever felt like they’re failing at a life they love in this new hour of comedy. This marks the follow up to Jen's previous special, The Naughty Corner (available to watch for free on YouTube).

Outside of her busy life of being a stand-up comic & a mom, Fulwiler is also a bestselling author (Your Blue Flame, One Beautiful Dream) & podcaster hosting The Jen Fulwiler Show (a show that sounds like someone giving a TED Talk after three mimosas). In between now and her last special, she performed a set on Nate Bargatze's Nateland Showcase, the showcase series of comics handpicked by Bargatze for a killer night of family friendly comedy and uncontrollable laughter (check it out here). She's also been featured on the Today Show, CNN, and her viral social media sketches have racked up millions of views on her social channels.

How to watch "Jen Fulwiler: Maternal Instinct."

Jen Fulwiler's hilarious new comedy special, Maternal Instinct, is available to watch today exclusively on 800 Pound Gorilla. Watch it now before it hits YouTube this July!

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Watching Jen Fulwiler’s Maternal Instinct made for a wonderful Mother’s Day afternoon.

Kimberly Rasmussen

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