John Heffron: Sunday Night In DC

John Heffron To Premiere New Special "Sunday Night In DC" On YouTube Tonight

Comedian John Heffron is back with a brand new special, Sunday Night In DC, premiering tonight at 7:30 PM CT on 800 Pound Gorilla's YouTube channel.

John Heffron: Sunday Night In DC
John Heffron: Sunday Night In DC

What to know about John Heffron's new special "Sunday Night In DC."

John Heffron's latest special, Sunday Night In DC, is the follow up to his hugely successful special Episodes, which has now racked up over a million views on YouTube in less than a year since premiering.

In this new special, recorded at the DC Improv at Washington DC, “John Heffron takes the stage to share his unique take on the absurdities and intricacies of everyday life.  From family antics to relationship dilemmas, work shenanigans to the trials of aging, John Heffron masterfully transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, turning the mundane into a side splitting journey of hilarity.”

“Renowned for his ability to find humor in the simplest of situations, John’s comedic genius lies in his uncanny knack for weaving relatable anecdotes with his own personal experiences. His clever observations and spot-on punchlines resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, creating an exuberant atmosphere that keeps the laughter rolling from start to finish.”

Looking for more comedy from John Heffron?

Be sure to stream & download the digital audio album from Episodes available now on 800 Pound Gorilla. Stay tuned for the digital audio release of Sunday Night In DC at a later date.

John Heffron is also a published children's book author and released his series of books, My Grandma Makes, co-authored with his wife, Michelle Heffron. This book series teaches little ones about the importance of clear communication, great for the whole family. Available for purchase now on Amazon.

John Heffron: Sunday Night In DC
John Heffron: Sunday Night In DC
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