Watch The Trailer For Dan Harmon’s “Krapopolis”

Watch The Trailer For Dan Harmon’s “Krapopolis”

There’s a new Dan Harmon show coming out soon. And today, we got a look at the first trailer for it.

The new series from the Rick & Morty creator, Krapopolis, is described as being “centered on a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that tries to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other.”

The series will star Hannah Waddingham, Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Pam Murphy and Duncan Trussell, as well as featuring guest stars Susan Sarandon, Will Forte, Michael Urie, Jane Lynch, Amber Stevens West, Yvette Nicole Brown and Dave Franco

The show also received an unprecedented second and third season pick-up earlier this year, before a frame was ever viewed by the public. While that has happened with a second season before, never with a third season. It just shows how much faith Fox has behind Harmon and the show.

The new show hits Fox on September 24th.

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