Michelle Wolf: It's Great To Be Here

Watch the Trailer For Michelle Wolf’s New Netflix Special “It’s Great To Be Here”

Michelle Wolf has a brand new Netflix special coming out next month. Well, technically, she’s got three. And now we’ve got a first look at the trailer!

Michelle Wolf: It
Michelle Wolf: It's Great to Be Here. Courtesy of Netflix.

Details on Michelle Wolf's new three part comedy special.

Michelle Wolf has a stand-up series, titled It’s Great To Be Here, that consists of her new special being broken up into three half-hour episodes. The episodes are New Neighborhood, All Struggles Matter + Me Too, and News to Me + All Beautiful.

The series was entirely financed and produced by Wolf independently, before being acquired by Netflix. The episodes consist of sets taped at Comedy On State in Madison, WI and Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, PA.

All three episodes will be released on Netflix on September 12th. 

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