Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried’s daughter explores “The Hidden Talent of Gilbert Gottfried” in new documentary

We all know Gilbert Gottfried as the comedian who always seemed to test the limits of just how far he can go onstage. He also appeared in numerous films and TV shows over the years, spanning generations and finding an audience with adults and children alike. But did you know he had another way he tested boundaries?

As a teenager, long before he ever stepped foot onstage, Gottfried explored his talent as an artist. He created what can only be described as truly unique - and in a lot of cases graphic - drawings that you would expect from the mind of Gilbert Gottfried. 

The details in the work is pretty insane, and that’s something his daughter Lily is exploring in a new short documentary, The Hidden Talent of Gilbert Gottfried. Marking her first directorial effort, she explores the artwork and talks to her dad’s friends Penn Jillette and Drew Friedman, as well as his sister, Karen. By the end, you feel like you are even closer to seeing the man behind the curtain than ever before. 

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