Pauly Shore.

Pauly Shore is Still Trying to Make the Richard Simmons Biopic Happen

Pauly Shore.
Pauly Shore.

There’s been a meme floating around on the internet for years now that compares Pauly Shore and Richard Simmons. The meme says “Someone is going to write a Richard Simmons biopic, and Pauly Shore is going to win an Oscar.”

Well, Pauly Shore has been listening. Last week, he reported that he’s in touch with Richard Simmons and was playing phone tag with him, about the prospect of a biopic. Then over the weekend, news broke that Simmons - who hasn’t been seen in public in almost 10 years - is politely passing, as he wants to stay out of the limelight at this time. 

Shore took to Instagram this afternoon to share the latest update.

The latest update on the Richard Simmons biopic led by Pauly Shore.

Shore stated, “I reached out to Richard… and his representatives said that Richard loves me and my mom (he has known us both for decades), but Richard is politely passing. He said Richard, at this time, wants to remain private, which we all need to respect.”

He continued, “Richard, we all miss you, love you very much and want nothing but the best for you. You are in all of our hearts. You can always reach out to me if you change your mind. I’m just a phone call away. And since today is Yom Kippur, I’d love to stop by, bring you some yummy warm matzo ball soup and sit at the head of your bed and gaze into your eyes.”

But then Shore switches gears, and comes up with another idea: A screen test. And he wants to enlist British director Dexter Fletcher to pull this off. 

“Why don’t we hit up @dexfletch, the dude who did an AMAZING job directing Rocketman, the Elton John story? Dexter, we can do a test tape to present to Richard and his reps for his blessing? What do you think, you guys? I mean, the movie poster has already been made! Hit up Dexter, doodz.”

While this could turn out to be nothing more than a pipe dream, we definitely think it could be something interesting if it ever does come together. 

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