The National Comedy Center Will Host the Joan Rivers Archives

The National Comedy Center Will Host the Joan Rivers Archives

Since it opened in 2018, the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York has become the place to go to see the archives of some of your favorite comedians. This morning, their latest acquisition was announced.

To commemorate Joan Rivers’ birthday today, it was announced that her archives will have a new home at the National Comedy Center. Those archives will include earliest hand-written jokes, personally compiled scrapbooks, never-before-heard autobiographical audio recordings, hundreds of pre-show preparatory notes, intimate correspondence with peers in entertainment, some of her legendary wardrobe, and of course her now-iconic card catalog of written jokes – which we caught a glimpse of in the incredible 2010 documentary, A Piece Of Work.

“I am so honored that my mother’s archives will have a home at the National Comedy Center. To be included with the legends of comedy who are represented at the National Comedy Center is amazing. My mother would have been thrilled to be seated at the best table,” stated her daughter Melissa Rivers.

“Joan Rivers was a master of evolution who ascended—again and again—to the heights of success in an industry that was not structured in her favor, blazing a wide and clear trail for generations of artists who would follow,” stated National Comedy Center Executive Director Journey Gunderson. “She is not only a role model for women in comedy, but for all artists who desire to wield comedy’s expressive power to communicate something vital about the human condition.”

Starting in 2025, there were be an immersive exhibit at the National Comedy Center Will guests will be able to explore her joke archives.

For more Joan Rivers, check out her appearances on Robert Klein Time & Comedy Club All Stars courtesy of Clown Jewels!

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