Jim Gaffigan: Dark Pale

This Week In Comedy: Jim Gaffigan Is “Dark Pale” In A New Prime Video Special

Jim Gaffigan: Dark Pale

This Week in Comedy: Jim Gaffigan is coming out with a brand new stand-up special, which remarkably marks his 10th overall. In his special, Dark Pale, Gaffigan talks about it all, ranging from funerals and family to balloon rides. After his last special came out in 2021 on Netflix, Gaffigan returned to Prime Video, whom he previously worked with on specials in 2019 and 2020.

Also this week, Futurama is making a triumphant return back to the screen. After jumping from Fox to Comedy Central, the series had ended back in 2013. But since everything old is new again in media these days, the show will be coming back on Hulu. Obviously, this is news that sat great with fans, who have been waiting 10 years for the Matt Groening series to come back.

Finally, 800 Pound Gorilla has two of our own releases coming out this week. First, tomorrow Brandon Vestal has his special coming out, Positively Pessimistic, on our YouTube channel. The album will also be simultaneously released. Then on Thursday, Sean McLoughlin‘s hour, So Be It, will also be dropping on our YouTube channel.


Futurama returns on Hulu


Brandon Vestal: Positively Pessimistic premieres on the 800 Pound Gorilla YouTube channel

Jim Gaffigan: Dark Pale premieres on Prime Video

Mark Normand: Soup to Nuts premieres on Netflix


Sean McLoughlin: So Be It debuts on the 800 Pound Gorilla YouTube channel

Twisted Metal debuts on Peacock


Good Omens returns to Prime Video

How To with John Wilson returns to HBO

This Fool is back on Hulu

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