Michelle Wolf: It's Great To Be Here

This Week in Comedy: Michelle Wolf’s “It’s Great To Be Here” Premieres on Netflix

Michelle Wolf: It
Michelle Wolf: It's Great To Be Here. Courtesy of Netflix.

This Week In Comedy: Michelle Wolf is coming to Netflix with a new stand-up series of 30-minute specials, titled It’s Great To Be Here. The series consists of three episodes, all of which Wolf self-produced. The three episodes are New Neighborhood, All Struggles Matter + Me Too, and News to Me + All Beautiful.

Also this week, 800 Pound Gorilla has a wide range of comedy special and album releases coming out. Specials premiering on our YouTube channel include Ben Palmer: You Can Be Anything and Sarah Tollemache: Voluptuous Boy. As for albums, we’ve got Sean Patton’s Number One, Matt Rife’s Matthew Steven Rifeand Daniel Sloss’s Socio.

Plus, Teresa Lee’s new album Gold Open releases via ASpecialThing.


Michelle Wolf: It's Great To Be Here premieres on Netflix

Ben Palmer: You Can Be Anything premieres on 800 Pound Gorilla's YouTube channel at 7 PM CT
Sean Patton releases his comedy album, Number One


Sarah Tollemache: Voluptuous Boy premieres on 800 Pound Gorilla's YouTube channel at 7 PM CT

Matt Rife releases his comedy album, Matthew Steven Rife
Daniel Sloss releases his comedy album, Socio

Theater Camp premieres on Hulu


Teresa Lee releases their new comedy album, Gold Open

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