WCM 2024

800 Pound Gorilla Announces First Annual Worldwide Comedy Month

Christians have Christmas. Americans have July 4. Even dads have Father's day. But there's something that transcends religion, country, parenthood. That's comedy. It's time for the world to come together to celebrate a universal artform. It's time for Worldwide Comedy Month.

OK, not literally time. Literally, Worldwide Comedy Month will be April 2024. But it's time in the sense of like "It's about damn time."

We'll spearhead a media campaign so massive that every comedy fan will
be eager for April 2024. 

Come April, fans will enjoy comedy shows in the US, UK, and Australia. 8OOPGM will release a slate of specialized programming, including the global premiere of stand-up speciaIs and scripted projects. With shows, releases, and fan engagement, the comedy community will unite like never before.

This is an opportunity for fans, comedians, producers, writers, editors, managers, agents, bookers, and club owners to celebrate what we love most: comedy. This is a moment for the whole comedy world. A much needed moment for us all to Laugh Together.