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Kevin Casey White - Harangue

Kevin Casey White - Harangue

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Kevin Casey White surprises a no-show audience member via FaceTime, gets dirty with seniors, and laments his bald spot in Harangue. Hailed by The Chicago Tribune as "a physical expression of an exclamation point”, Kevin’s cheerfully cynical style seamlessly blends scripted jokes with off-the-cuff crowd work in this carefree comedy special. Never afraid to go off script, Kevin takes big swings, resulting in bigger payoffs as he interviews a stood-up attendee, teases everything from Joe Rogan to ceiling fans, and explores the consequences of doing nice things for bad people. Filmed at "a weird little punk rock comedy club," The Comedy Corner Underground in Minneapolis, director Peter Stepnoski (Netflix) perfectly captures the chaotic feel of a real, live comedy show.

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