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Connor Ratliff To Star In New Podcast, “In The Cards”

In The Cards Podcast
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Connor Ratliff - best known for his podcast Dead Eyes and The George Lucas Talk Show - is heading back behind the microphone for a brand new scripted podcast.

Here are the details on Connor Ratliff's new podcast.

The series - which was written and directed by Kevin Henderson for Next Chapter Podcasts - “follows Gil Garson (Connor Ratliff), a low-level ad man who strives to win at life. But ever-optimistic Gil has one very big problem: he is literally fated by the universe to always lose. Once he meets Nadya (Jamie Ann Romero), the beautiful niece of a seductive psychic (Laila Robins), he vows to change his fate.”

From the creator's of Connor Ratliff's new podcast.

“As a professional actor and writer based in Los Angeles, I’ve had more than a few moments when I thought, ‘I must be cursed by the gods,’” said Henderson. “Then I invented Gil Garson, who literally has never won at anything.”

Next Chapter Podcasts Founder and CEO Jeremiah Tittle added, “At Next Chapter, we strive to ask meaningful questions in entertaining ways: Why are we here? Can we change our destiny? What’s worth fighting for or against? In the Cards is a funny, engaging, and thought-provoking series that sneaks up on you with its depth, while pulling at your heartstrings, and it’s a fantastic addition to our rapidly expanding content library.”

Connor Ratliff's new podcast In The Cards launches on August 9th. Check out a preview for the show below.

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