Davhe Chappelle: The Dreamer. Courtesy of Netflix.

Dave Chappelle Returns to Netflix for New Special, “The Dreamer”

Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer.
Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer. Courtesy of Netflix.

In 2021, it was speculated that Dave Chappelle’s stand-up special, The Closer, would be his last for the streamer. It was also the end of his deal with Netflix, so many were left assuming that it could be a bit before we saw another new special from the comedian.


However today, Netflix announced that Chappelle would return in a brand-new special. And it would be dropping as soon as next week!

Details on Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special, "The Dreamer."

In The Dreamer, Chappelle takes the stage in his hometown of Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Theatre. Chappelle teamed up with Stan Lathan, who directed his previous six Netflix specials, again for this outing. Chappelle has been touring consistently in the last few years, and was named the second highest earning comic on the road in 2023.

When does Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer premiere on Netflix?

Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer premieres globally on Netflix December 31st. 

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