Tina Fey, Emma Stone & Candice Bergen as the Five Timers Club on Saturday Night Live.

Emma Stone Is Welcomed Into The Five-Timers Club By Tina Fey & Candice Bergen On “Saturday Night Live”

The Five-Timers Club is the most prestigious honor that can be bestowed upon a Saturday Night Live host. Ever since the idea first came to prominence in Tom Hanks 1990 monologue, it’s been something of a goal for every frequent guest of the show.

Emma Stone is the latest addition to Saturday Night Live's legendary Five-Timers Club.

This past Saturday night, the club got a little bit bigger with the introduction of Emma Stone into the tight knit group.

To do the honors, Tina Fey and Candice Bergen (the first female inductee) joined Stone onstage to welcome her as the club's youngest member at 35 years old. During the exchange, they talked about how the club has changed over the years and gave Stone her jacket (which was definitely not Woody Harrelson’s).

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