Timothée Chalamet on Saturday Night Live. Season 49.

Best Moments From Timothée Chalamet's Second Time Hosting Saturday Night Live

Timothée Chalamet on Saturday Night Live. Season 49.
Timothée Chalamet on Saturday Night Live. Season 49.

Timothée Chalamet made his second time hosting Saturday Night Live look absolutely effortless and like he was having the best time - and it showed. There were so many times (more than we can count) how much Chalamet couldn't keep a completely straight face and crack a slight chuckle leaning in to these new characters that definitely had him outside his comfort zone.


From seeing him pop off with Pete Davidson on the viral & very memorable "Yeet, Yeet, Skirt, Skirt" bit to the very hilarious Lexus December to Remember sketch during his first time hosting in 2020, we had a good feeling he wouldn't disappoint in his second time around hosting the iconic sketch show.


Check out some of the best moments from Chalamet's second time hosting below.

Timothée Chalamet's Monologue

Before we learned the news late Wednesday night that the actors & studios came to a tentative agreement to end the longest & most historic actors strike to date, Chalamet came prepped to promote a new Chanel commercial directed by Martin Scorsese instead of his upcoming Willy Wonka origin story movie, Wonka.


Given the excitement of actors finally being able to promote their new films & shows, Chalamet had no hesitation to go all in on the shameless self promotion.


After breaking out into a Wonka inspired song, Chalamet then tapped leading feature player & fan favorite, Marcello Hernandez, to perform a pretty solid rap about having a baby face. This performance also featured Kenan Thompson & Punkie Johnson (as Nicki Minaj performing Barbie World from the Barbie Soundtrack). 

Museum of Hip-Hop Panel

As mentioned earlier, it looks like the character Chalamet played in the "Yeet, Yeet" bit has returned and we found what his name supposedly is - SmokeCheddaDaAssGetta.


We see him along with the show host (Ego Nwodim, who reprised her role from the 2020 inspired sketch), Mary J. Blige (Punkie Johnson), Rick Rubin (James Austin Johnson), & Dr. Cornel West (Kenan Thompson) in a circle discussion celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop.


It can't be said enough how great Chalamet pulls off this sketch as a spot-on Soundcloud rapper (almost scary how accurate it was) when it could've very easily been seen as cringe sketch.


Excuse us while we add to the trillions of streams on SmokeChedda's smash joint..."cling, cling, cling"! 

Troye Sivan Sleep Demon

In this sketch, a woman (Sarah Sherman) describes the mysterious figures she sees to her doctor (Bowen Yang) while experiencing sleep paralysis. This vision turns out to be what Chalamet describes himself as "Australian YouTube twink turned indie pop star and model turned HBO actor, Troye Sivan, being played by an American actor who can’t do an Australian accent."


Remember how we said we couldn't count how many times Timothée Chalamet was cracking a chuckle throughout this episode? This was one of those times.


Later after we see the first go around at the Troye Sivan Sleep Demon's choreography, you can't help but acknowledge the premature excitement Yang's character had to join the his "Just Got Me Started" choreography (right here to be exact). The boygenius cameo was the cherry on top we didn't know we needed! 

Giant Horse

What once started as the Tiny Horse sketch from Chalamet's 2020 hosting debut, has now returned for its sequel sketch: Giant Horse.


This rendition sees Chalamet in a space, post-apocalyptic world attempting to reconnect with his pet horse (a very Giant & supposedly threatening pet horse).


Most fans would've likely not expected to see this niche sketch return, but we're certainly here for it. What made this sketch work so well was seeing the nostalgic & tender negotiation tactics the man used to hopefully bring the giant horse down to its tiniest form (a very sweet ending we'll add). We'll never forget "the good old days"!

Please Don't Destroy - Jumper

The latest effort from Please Don't Destroy sees the three guys saving a man's life, embodying the classic Third Eye Blind song. It's nice to see the guys do a sketch outside of their closet office for once for some fresh air for a change.

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