Grimsburg. Courtesy of FOX.

Jon Hamm-Led Animated Series ‘Grimsburg’ Premieres On Fox Immediately After The NFL Doubleheader on January 7th

The latest Fox animated series, Grimsburg, will air Sunday, January 7th after the NFL
doubleheader. Created by Catlan McClelland and Matthew Schlissel, the series follows
Jon Hamm’s Marvin Flute, a brilliant detective who can’t figure himself out. He decides
to head to Grimsburg, his hometown, to redeem himself to coworkers, his ex-wife, and
his unstable son.

Who all is in the voice cast of Jon Hamm's "Grimsburg"?

The voice cast is rounded out by Alan Tudyk, Erinn Hayes, Kevin Michael Richardson, Rachel Dratch, and Greg Chun. The series already has a two-season order from Fox.

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