The Simpsons. Season 35.

“The Simpsons” Are Ready To Get Nuts In Season 35 Trailer

The Simpsons are the longest-running narrative television series for a reason. They have become embedded in our pop culture, and have shown a staying power that is unheard of. Now they’re back for their 35th season.

On October 1st, everyone’s favorite family is back for another go-around. And judging by the trailer for this season, things are going to be just as wild as they’ve ever been.

What's happening in season 35 of The Simpsons?

As the official synopsis reads, “This season Marge experiences a series of nightmares about young Bart’s childhood coming to an end; Homer accidentally volunteers for a school crossing guard position; sixty years in the future, Lisa recounts the story of how Homer was scapegoated for a power outage that plunged Springfield into darkness days before Thanksgiving; and the annual chilling trilogy “Treehouse of Horror XXXIV” is back!”

The 35th season of The Simpsons premieres Sunday, October 1st on FOX.

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