Jessi Cruickshank; Minivan Money on Veeps

Jessi Cruickshank Crowns Toronto’s Saddest Bra in Her New Special, "Minivan Money"

Photo Credit: Joanna Bell

Stand-up comedian, TV personality, podcast host and mother, Jessi Cruickshank, is set to release her new special Minivan Money on Veeps May 30th. Cruickshank is nothing short of eager about her newest hour, sharing in a statement, "I am leaking breast milk with excitement to share this special with the world.”

In her new Toronto-taped special, Cruickshank, Canada’s comedy sweetheart, explains what she calls, ‘Minivan Money.’ In the Veeps special, she champions the crusade from idealizing the wealthy bachelor in the Lamborghini as the signature of opulence to the appreciation of the mom in a Sienna, “because that vehicle is expensive and so are the little f***ers sitting inside of it.”

Cruickshank’s latest special adds ammunition to the new artillery of motherhood stand-up that has been released in recent years. ‘Minivan Money’ walks through the doors opened by specials like Ali Wong’s “Hard Knock Wife” and Rosebud Baker’s “Verified Stand-Up.”

In recent years stand-up has seen a drastic increase in crowd work, thanks to the app we all love and hate, TikTok. In ‘Minivan Money,’ Cruickshank gets creative with her crowd work. The self-described ‘underpants medium’ asks the crowd to throw their sad, stretched out bras onstage. The crowd eagerly obliges, covering Cruickshank in a mountain of braziers. After examining the undergarments, Cruickshank names one the saddest bra in Toronto.

Like many of the greats, Cruickshank started out in improv. She co-starred alongside Seth Rogen and Nathan Fielder in an all-male improv troupe with Cruickshank as the exception. Cruickshank also hosted a show alongside Dan Levy before heading her own shows on CBC, CTV, and The CW after being discovered in a nationwide search for the new face of MTV. Her new comedy series has also helped launch Facebook Watch as it is the most streamed series in the U.S. on the platform.

When does Jessi Cruickshank’s new special, “Minivan Money,” premiere?

The new special begins streaming on Thursday, May 30th at 5 PM PT. It’ll be available for free for Veeps All Access subscribers or fans can buy an individual show ticket on for $11.99. Tickets are available here.

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