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Seth Rogen & Friends Light Up The (Hollywood) Bowl

Seth Rogen decided to organize the biggest show Netflix Is A Joke Festival has seen yet, and he did it all for charity. That charity in question was Hilarity for Charity, raising money for Alzheimer’s.

Comedy fans, music fans, and cannabis fans alike united last night for one epic show at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. Since the show was titled Seth Rogen Smokes the Bowl, you knew what you were in for with the latter group of fans. There was a haze of smoke that would waft in frequently during the course of the night. We have a pretty good feeling that the orchestra onstage definitely were feeling it.

Recapping an epic show from Seth Rogen & Friends at Netflix Is A Joke Fest.

The show kicked off with the orchestra playing the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Rogen walked out carrying a torch and lighting up a giant bong that sat onstage, like it was the opening ceremony to the Olympics. He then brought out the first guest to warm up the crowd, Lil Dicky. The rapper was just what the show needed to start things off on a high - literally - as he bounced around the stage. He performed two songs - including Freaky Friday - and even did the National Anthem as only he can.

We were then treated to the comedy portion of the show. First up was Janelle James, who talked about why it’s a good time for men, the upcoming election, and being poor. Ronny Chieng then went on and dedicated most of his set to how crazy The Interview was, perhaps tailored just for this evening. Ramy Youssef’s stand-up set was a wild story about the hoops he had to jump through to adopt a rescue dog.

Rogen mixed things up by having an improv troupe present that included D’arcy Carden, Drew Tarver, Ike Barinholtz, and Lisa Gilroy. However, Rogen insisted that they all hit a joint before starting each scene. They got high alarmingly quickly, including a few who had noticeable coughing attacks. Rogen later told us they were backstage and completely stoned.

There were also some surprises in store. The first major surprise was a set from Post Malone. Malone again had everyone on their feet as he performed a few of his songs, including Congratulations and Sunflower. The second surprise was Bill Burr, who talked about being tired of people pretending pedophilia is only in Hollywood, how marijuana really is addicting, and why isn’t the KKK canceled. 

Rogen also trotted out some stand-up last night. His opening monologue was largely revolved around how crazy the current Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef is. He said, “They write mean rhymes about each other, which is an objectively funny way to fight with another person.” He talked about how Lamar’s diss track was about Drake being a pedophile, and imagined how crazy it must be if Drake ever was in a club and heard it. 

Finally, it was time to bring out the godfather of pot himself, Snoop Dogg. The entire night was leading up to this moment, and Snoop Dogg didn’t disappoint. Joint in hand, he owned the stage playing some of his greatest hits and sent the already chilled vibe through the roof. He even got the classy orchestra to play along to some of his songs, which was a real treat. (And they hopefully didn’t mind getting second-hand high from Snoop. Though if they did, that’d be quite an honor).

The only way to properly end a night with this much smoke is with fireworks. Rogen managed to not only raise some money for charity, but he had a hell of a time while doing so!

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