Jessica Fostekew.

Jessica Fostekew’s ‘Wench’ - What To Know About Her Mirthful and Clever New Comedy Special

Jessica Fostekew.
Jessica Fostekew: Wench. Courtesy of 800 Pound Gorilla.

We have a sumptuous, five-course comedy meal for you!

The very funny Jessica Fostekew has decided to release her new special, Wench, with us! We’re blushing, so please look below to learn more while we get ourselves together.

Who is Jessica Fostekew?

Known from acting in projects like Cuckoo, Motherland, and The Trouble with Maggie Cole, Jessica Fostekew’s live comedy show, Wench, won the 2020 Chortle Award for Best Show. She co-hosts The Guilty Feminist, as well as her own massively popular podcast, Hoovering.

What’s Jessica Fostekew’s new special all about?

Wench is a show about Jess' mid-life metamorphosis, featuring hilarious stories of her adventures in promiscuity, privilege, and pubes. She’s finding her feet as a queer mom, and suffice to say, it hasn’t been clear sailing!

How to watch Jessica Fostekew's 'Wench.'

Wench is available now to watch exclusively on 800 Pound Gorilla. Watch it here first before it hits YouTube!

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