Charlie Berens: Midwest Goodbye.

'Charlie Berens: Midwest Goodbye' - What To Know About His Latest Comedy Special

Charlie Berens: Midwest Goodbye.
Charlie Berens: Midwest Goodbye. Photo by Tyler Helbach.

Welp, we should probably tell you about Charlie Berens' funny new comedy special.

The midwestern enthusiast & expert is bringing his latest comedy special Midwest Goodbye to 800 Pound Gorilla this week, home to dozens of funny comedy specials.

Who is Charlie Berens?

Before getting into comedy, Berens cut his teeth as an Emmy-Award winning news journalist, having studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin & later landing some leading news jobs at MTV & PMC (Variety & Deadline).

This later brought him to creating the popular Midwestern Brand, Manitowoc Minute. What started as a weekly online news series spoofing his Midwestern accent eventually grew into sketch comedy, music, podcasts, a New York Times bestseller (The Midwest Survival Guide) and a Midwest clothing line.

His sketch comedy is also incredibly relatable & enjoyable. He has portrayed numerous midwestern characters, such as your Dad cutting down a Christmas tree or performing an at home oil change, a Midwest vs East coast TSA agent, a midwest 9-11 OPE-rator, and more.

Check them all out for yourself on YouTube, TikTok & Instagram.

Berens is also an established podcaster hosting his comedy podcasts The Cripescast & Bellied Up. The Cripescast follows Berens as he interviews musicians, artists, comedians, creators, and more to talk about their story and connections to the midwest (previous guests include Sam Jay, Kyle Kinane, Joe Gatto, Rory Scovel & more). Bellied Up on the other hand is a different show where he teams up with fellow midwest content creator You Betcha Guy where they take calls from listeners to give advice while exploring various bars & drink plenty of cold ones in hand.

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What’s Charlie Berens: Midwest Goodbye all about?

Charlie takes the stage at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee for his first full-hour comedy special "Midwest Goodbye” to perform midwest-centric comedy that traverses borders, and whether or not you understand his jokes or accent, you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Steven Feinartz directs this special, who previously directed comedy specials like Marc Maron's From Bleak To Dark, Eddie Pepitone's For The Masses & Bill Burr's stand-up comedy series Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers.

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When will 'Charlie Berens: Midwest Goodbye' be released?

It'll be streaming on the 800 Pound Gorilla YouTube channel beginning Thursday, January 11th at 7 PM CT.

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