Christopher Macarthur-Boyd.

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd’s ‘Oh No’ - What To Know About His Eccentric and Posh New Comedy Special

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd.
Christopher Macarthur-Boyd.

Another day, another great comedy special to talk about!

We’re delighted to tell you all about the very cool, very, hip, very impressive Christopher Macarthur-Boyd and his comedy special, Oh No.

Who is Christopher Macarthur-Boyd?

Hailing from Scotland, Boyd has built up quite a reputation in the EU. A writer on ‘Dave’s Late night Mash,’ Macarthur-Boyd is a favorite of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and won “Best Breakthrough Act” at the 2019 Scottish Comedy Awards. Other credits include hosting BBC Scotland’s The Comedy Underground, BBC Scotland’s Breaking The News, BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Stands Up At The Fringe. and BBC Radio 4’s Fred at The Stand, as well as the podcast Evil Genius with Russell Kane. Macarthur-Boyd co-hosts the comedy podcast Enjoy An Album counting down the top 500 Albums of all time according to Rolling Stone Magazine.

What’s Christopher Macarthur-Boyd’s ‘Oh No’ all about?

Filmed live at Monkey Barrel Comedy in Edinburgh, Oh No is the debut comedy special by Scottish stand-up Christopher Macarthur-Boyd, featuring breezy laid-back jokes and stories about depression, tattoos, butter, and the meaning of life. What else can you say when the world ends, you lose your job, and you pee yourself, other than just, “oh no”?

How to watch Christopher Macarthur-Boyd’s ‘Oh No.’

Oh No is available now exclusively on 800 Pound Gorilla. Watch it now before it hits YouTube on February 1st!

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