John Crist & Shama Mrema.

John Crist & Shama Mrema Launch YouTube Series, "First Time Visitor"

Comedians John Crist & Shama Mrema hit the road this year to visit some of the most unique & interesting churches across the country. This trip resulted in the launch of a new YouTube series, First Time Visitor. Watch the first episode above.

John Crist & Shama Mrema's quest to find the most interesting church.

The first episode (which premiered yesterday) sees the comics exploring what they pinged as Cowboy Church in Asheville, North Carolina. The comedians hinted at a new show with a funny skit earlier this year. The show will have six episodes in its first season, where they will visit different churches in the country. The new YouTube series will be airing new episodes every Sunday morning at 9/8 CT on John Crist's YouTube channel.

Crist & Mrema, both known for their Southern-bred & clean stand-up comedy, have generated tens of millions of views each online through their hilarious sketches, stand-up & popular comedy podcasts: John Crist's Net Positive Podcast & Shama Mrema's Church Stories Podcast.

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Just saw you on Youtube, visiting Crefflo Dollar Church. Please visit First Baptist Church of Glenarden. 600 Watkins Park Dr. Upper Marlboro, MD 20774. 1 hour services, 8, 10 & 12. More non-Baptist. Pastor John K Jenkins, Sr.


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