Nate Bargatze: Hello World! Courtesy of Prime Video.

Nate Bargatze Launches Family-Friendly Comedy Banner "The Nateland Company"

Nate Bargatze: Hello World! Courtesy of Prime Video.
Nate Bargatze: Hello World! Courtesy of Prime Video.

Comedian Nate Bargatze has launched The Nateland Company, his brand new content company focusing on family-friendly content for all ages producing stand-up comedy specials, showcases, scripted episodic content for film & television and more (exclusively shared first by Deadline).

Nate Bargatze launched his first showcase series as part of The Nateland Company.

The first release with this formal launch is his new stand-up series Nateland Presents: The Showcase, which is premiering on YouTube today. This series spotlights his exceptional roster of up-and-coming comics performing stand-up recorded at Zanies Nashville, hosted by Dusty Slay, Aaron Weber & Brian Bates. Those featured in the showcase series include Mandal, Donnie Sengstack, Mr. Derick, Jim Flannigan, Renard Hirsch, Alex Velluto, Mal Hall, Jen Fulwiler, Jonnie W., Justin Smith, Mary Santora, Rahn Hortman, Caleb Elliot, Luca Ferro, Matt Taylor, Mike James, Karen Mills and Andrew Stanley.

New stand-up specials to be produced under Nateland.

Bargatze has also been working behind the scenes directing three stand-up specials this year including Mike Vecchione: The Attractives, Greg Warren: The Salesman and Joe Zimmerman: Cult Classic. Under the Nateland moniker also includes producing & hosting the Nateland Podcast, hosted by Bargatze, Bates, Weber & Slay (which is about to crack 200 episodes).

Nate shared, “The Nateland Company is committed to producing high-quality content that inspires and entertains while upholding values of respect, kindness, and inclusivity. With a focus on laughter, heartwarming stories, and relatable characters, we aim to foster meaningful connections and provide positive experiences that families can enjoy together.”

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