Lewis Black

Lewis Black is Retiring From Touring, Last Shows in 2024

Lewis Black.
Lewis Black.

Breaking: Lewis Black has announced that he is retiring from touring.

Black took to Instagram to post the news this afternoon in a video. “I’ve said this to people and it doesn’t seem to get through to them. ‘What do you mean you’re retiring?’ Listen to the end of the sentence. I am retiring from touring.”

Details on Lewis Black's final shows.

In the short video, Black never mentions a specific reason that brought on the retirement. But he did make it clear that he’s not going to come back and tour again. This is it. 

He did share that he will be retiring in December of 2024. He will honor his current dates, and he’s got a wave of new tour dates coming out in the coming weeks that will go up through next year.

Tickets for his tour can be found here

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