Steve-O's Bucket List.

Steve-O To Release New Stand-Up Special, "Steve-O's Bucket List"

Steve-O's Bucket List. Courtesy of Yeah! Dude Productions & 800 Pound Gorilla.

Comedian & Jackass star, Steve-O, will be releasing his brand new comedy special titled, Steve-O's Bucket List, on November 14th through his website, in partnership with Moment & Patreon.

Details on Steve-O's "Bucket List."

If you thought Steve-O was crazy before this new hour, then you likely aren't ready for what's involved with this Bucket List. The new special was shot over the summer in the comic's hometown of London at a sold-out Hackney Empire.

And word on the street is Steve-O's shows around the world have caused audience members to pass out cold in their seats. This show not only goes way further than Jackass ever could, but it's also a love story about how Steve-O's Bucket List threatened to destroy his relationship with his fiancée.

The new special was produced by Steve-O's Yeah! Dude Productions & 800 Pound Gorilla. Pre-sales for the new show are on sale now at

Fans can currently catch the comedian opposite Johnny Knoxville in the latest entry to the Jackass franchise, Jackass Forever. He also hosts his Wild Ride with Steve-O Podcast every week and for more insane stunts, subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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