Mike Feeney: A Night At The Comedy Cellar.

Mike Feeney Delivers Four Solid Sets In "A Night At The Comedy Cellar"

If you're short on time and looking for some fantastic new stand-up to check out, New York comic Mike Feeney's latest special, A Night At The Comedy Cellar, is the one to watch.

Mike Feeney takes on four rooms in one night at New York's Comedy Cellar.

The new special takes on the unique concept of performing in all four rooms of the legendary Comedy Cellar (Comedy Cellar, Village Underground, Fat Black Pussycat Lounge and Fat Black Pussycat Bar) in one night. By the time you make it through the special's 20 minute run time, you'll find yourself asking for more with no second wasted.


The new special premiered this past month on Feeney's YouTube channel and was fully directed and edited by himself, joining a very short list of comics who've done the same rare & impressive undertaking (including Bo Burnham & Louis CK to name a few).


Feeney's latest offering sees the comedian taking on being a new parent (at the time of recording welcoming a 10 week old to world), the toxicities of social media, Elon Musk and more.


One of the funniest bits from A Night At The Comedy Cellar is Feeney's take on the only social media left that's pure on the entire internet: the Amber Alert. His perspective share the perks of the platform include how "there's no ads on it" and "no link to Facebook to see who's been abducted." His delivery on how they treat users is punchy yet startling. His high energy & sharp whit make this joke land well & worth watching for yourself.


On top of the solid sets, there are some fun cameos throughout including former Here's The Scenario podcast hosts Brendan Sagalow & Mike Cannon. Give the new comedy special watch today for free at the link above!

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