Jamie Lee & Nikki Glaser.

Jamie Lee And Nikki Glaser Working With Amazon On ‘Unsettling’ Comedy Series

Jamie Lee & Nikki Glaser.
Jamie Lee & Nikki Glaser.

Comedians Jamie Lee and Nikki Glaser have a new series in development at Amazon.

Details on Jamie Lee & Nikki Glaser's new show, "Unsettling."

Unsettling, which is written by Lee, focuses on two women in their 30s who go from childless to co-parenting as platonic partners after getting a baby.

Bill Lawrence’s Doozer Productions (Ted Lasso & Shrinking) is helping produce alongside Glaser, Lee, and Aseem Batra, with Batra and Lee co-showrunning. Warner Bros TV and Amazon MGM Studios are also backing the project.

Lee & Lawrence collaborated previously on Ted Lasso, where she was a writer & producer on the smash Apple TV+ comedy series.

Glaser can currently be seen on the road with her Good Girl Tour & heard on her Nikki Glaser Podcast through Will Ferrell's Big Money Players Network.

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