Golden Globes.

The Golden Globes Adds A Category Highlighting Stand-Up Performances

Courtesy of The Golden Globes.
Courtesy of The Golden Globes.

This year’s broadcast of The Golden Globes will see comedy feature prominently, as the controversial awards show is set to debut a category honoring the best in stand-up comedy (as first exclusively heard by Variety).

How to qualify for the "Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy" category at the Golden Globes.

Criteria for this category include that a performance must be 30 minutes or longer, must have aired on a streaming, cable, or broadcast platform (not individual social media channels), and must have aired in the states this calendar year.

Six nominees will be announced, consisting of individual comic performances and sketch/group performances with individual breakout performances. The deeper metrics of how selection will be determined are unknown, but this is the first major recognition of stand-up/live performance outside of the Emmys, Grammys, or the best-forgotten 2010s Comedy Awards that aired on Comedy Central.

When do the Golden Globes air?

The Golden Globes air on January 7th.

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