Shane Gillis on Hot Ones.

Shane Gillis Takes On The Heat & Reveals How He Named His Special "Beautiful Dogs" On Hot Ones

Earlier this week, it was announced that the big dawg & stand-up comedian Shane Gillis would make his Hot Ones debut and take on the wings of death across from host Sean Evans. Gillis is continuing his wild hot streak this year continuing his rise as one of the biggest names in comedy following the release of his new comedy series Tires on Netflix & his Saturday Night Live hosting debut earlier this year.

And now, the anticipated new episode premiered this morning & not only did we learn a lot more about the Austin, Texas based comic, but we got to see Gillis rip through a ton of wings like a champ.

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How Shane Gillis named his comedy special, "Beautiful Dogs."

During his appearance on the show, Gillis cleared the air on how he came about naming his fan-favorite & popular Netflix comedy special, Beautiful Dogs. He shared that it was a spontaneous decision that was made from one of his shows in Austin at Joe Rogan's club, The Comedy Mothership.

The club's booker, Adam Eget, stopped him as he walked off stage & finished his set from the special telling Gillis, "that's the name of the special, it's Beautiful Dogs." Then Gillis says, "alright, great!" Gillis continues, "if someone names it for you, it's a lot easier instead of trying to be cool & creative."

For the shorter than usual episode, Evans made sure to cover lots of ground in stand-up comedy throughout these consistently insightful interviews thanks to Sean being a real interview pro via his intentional research.

The two bonded over Conan O'Brien's wildly viral appearance on the show & commented on their mutual interests in mediocre U.S. presidents. We learned that Gillis' favorite mediocre US president is Ulysses S. Grant. "He failed at the beginning, then became a general at the end. It's pretty sick" he says. Gillis continues to flex how much of a history buff he is by acknowledging how much of a "loser" Grant was during his presidency while "working for his father-in-law's drugstore." The story continues on how the former president then became a clerk while the Civil War broke out & by the end of that war, he became commander in chief over the nation.

Of the many other comedy highlights, Gillis expressed his opinion on how unimportant comedy special intros, or "vignettes" as Sean Evans puts it, are for a comedy special to be great. "Just walk on stage," says Gillis. They discuss how rowdy his shows have been, including some outrageous encounters with his Bakersfield fans. Plus, Gillis takes a stab at guessing how many hours he's spent podcasting in his lifetime. He guesses 1,000 hours but we're to take a guess while not under the wings of death, it's likely way more than that.

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