Shane Gillis & Pete Davidson.

Shane Gillis & Pete Davidson Cameo In Eminem's "Houdini" Music Video

Slim Shady's back & he brought two of the biggest names in comedy with him - Shane Gillis & Pete Davidson!

Grammy award winning rapper Eminem returned with new music this morning and accompanied it with a funny new music video for his song "Houdini."

The song's video starts off at the Detroit musician's spooky & what appears to be a haunted mansion (but not quite like the Haunted Mansion most are familiar with) to which he wakes up from a FaceTime call from frequent collaborator Dr. Dre with news that 2002 Eminem has time traveled & entered into a portal from his present time. The two characters than face off in a rap battle with each other in which they then run into more hilarious versions of Slim Shady.

The whole video channels a lot of comic book inspiration that pay homage to heroes like Batman & Robin, making this a quite literally comical & entertaining video to watch.

Shane Gillis in Eminem's new music video.

Throughout the music video, 2024 Eminem & Dr. Dre are driving around in a Batmobile-like vehicle making their way around what appears to be a gothic Detroit. One of the stops is in a high rise & it's there where we find the dawg himself, Shane Gillis, doing one of the many comedy things he does best - podcasting (while also sporting a Bud Light). It's not known who he's podcasting with, but their interview gets cut short once 2002 Eminem steals their mic & disrupts the studio.

Later, the two Eminems battle it out at the top of the high rise building where they each punch each other at the same time so hard, they massively explode and become a combined version of each other ("a monster" as the video touts in its comic book captioning).

Pete Davidson in Eminem's new music video.

This new version of Eminem now appears to be turning the rest of the world like him. Dr. Dre abandons him in their vehicle & out comes Pete Davidson who rest assures Shady, "Trust me, I'm a great driver. Don't worry, I just got my license back!" And they ride off into the city getting causing a massive raucous & wrecks revving into other vehicles.

Among the other guest appearances in the Houdini music video are 50 Cent, Jimmy Iovine, & Snoop Dogg.

He's back like abracadabra he raps, check out the full video above!

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