Shane Gillis, Sam Morril & Bert Kreischer.

Shane Gillis, Sam Morril & Bert Kreischer Recruited By Dallas Cowboys For 2024 Schedule Release

It's around this time every year where every professional football team in the NFL announces their schedule for the upcoming season. There've been a lot of creative announces unveiled this week including the San Diego Chargers releasing their schedule as a Sims video & the Tennessee Titans heading back to Broadway in Nashville with some help from a friend.

And this year, the Dallas Cowboys managed to put together a notable schedule release featuring some of today's hottest stand-up comedians: Shane Gillis, Sam Morril, & Bert Kreischer (with a quick appearance by Joe Rogan).

The funny new schedule release video stars Jerry Jones, Post Malone, Dak Prescott, Michael Irvin and TimTheTatman who are representing the Dallas Cowboys in what appears to be a team supergroup. The five of them teamed up to prank call their opponents' fans via FaceTime and they got together some pretty powerhouse names to help roll out the new schedule. Week after week was an unveiling of the Cowboys opposing team fans throughout the promo featuring other appearances from Jake Paul, Eli Manning, John Wall & more.

Comedians in the Dallas Cowboys' schedule release video.

Shane Gillis represented the Philadelphia Eagles, who looked to be answering a call during a cold plunge featuring a brief appearance from his friend, fellow comedian & podcast host Joe Rogan cheering on, "Go Birds!"

Sam Morril represented the New York Giants, who appeared to be utterly & comically annoyed to be hearing from the team with a processed smirk saying, "I don't like this at all."

Bert Kreischer represented the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who appeared stoked, joyfully surprised and answered laughing very audibly while jokingly asking, "Am I getting drafted??"

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