The Smothers Brothers.

Famed Comedy Duo, The Smothers Brothers, To Debut Never-Before-Seen Live Show On YouTube

The Smothers Brothers LIVE! Courtesy of Clown Jewels.

The Smothers Brothers, made up of the late great Tom Smothers & Dick Smothers, have been making comedy fans laugh for decades while holding their title as one of the most iconic comedy duos in the history of television courtesy of their signature mix of music, comedy, and witty banter. Since the beginning of their famed program in 1967, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour established itself for its groundbreaking approach to comedy, its boundary pushing political satire & social commentary.

If it wasn't for this iconic comedy duo & their remarkable show, we wouldn't have today's slate of top variety television shows including Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show & all of today's working late night hosts. These two even introduced the world to comedy legends Steve Martin & George Carlin through their breakout appearances on the show. And now, the brothers have a never-before-seen live performance making its grand debut this weekend with the help of the legacy comedy media brand Clown Jewels.

Watch The Smothers Brothers Live!

In The Smothers Brothers Live, this never-before-seen live show features their classic bits and songs (complete with comedic interruptions) as only the Smothers Brothers are able to perform. The forthcoming special, recorded in 2006 at the Casino-Rama outside of Toronto, is a reflection of the duo's later years and helps solidify their longevity and climb to becoming comedy royalty.

Watch it exclusively on The Smothers Brothers YouTube channel this Saturday at 1 PM EST!

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