George Schlatter's Turn-On

George Schlatter’s “Turn-On” Gets An Official Release With Never Before Seen Footage

Legendary TV producer George Schlatter and Clown Jewels YouTube channel are coming out with something that hasn’t been seen in over 50 years: Turn-On.

What to know about George Schlatter's show "Turn-On."

The show is known as one of TV’s most talked about events. Back in 1969, Schlatter created a new television sketch comedy show. The show was highly-anticipated when it premiered. However, a programmer in Cleveland abruptly stopped showing the program, and it never even made it to the air on the West Coast. It’s the only show that was ever canceled halfway through its pilot.

Of the 13 episodes ordered, only three were made before the plug was officially pulled. To celebrate the 55th anniversary, Clown Jewels and Schlatter have released the two episodes on YouTube, but also a never before seen bonus lost episode.

Schlatter said, “We had more footage than we knew what to do with. Endless pieces were found in our vault. It was a challenge and a treat to create more offbeat, crazy programming for the offbeat YouTube audience.”

The show can be found here

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